Building of The Studios has begun! Click here for more images of our new art, music, movement, and library building!

The Studios will open up a whole new world of possibility for our school. It will allow us to respond to increased interest from local families in progressive education and to build a sustainable financial future for Randolph School. As a result, we will send more children out into the world who are engaged and curious, and whose educational background is rooted in social-emotional growth, creativity, collaboration, questioning, and exploration.

       —Ben Niles, Randolph School Director

Lets Build Collage B

We are growing—and we are strengthening our commitment to art, music, movement and reading!

Interest in Randolph School is stronger than ever, and we are bursting at the seams with children who want to be “Randolph Kids.“ There is a reason that we say “Once a Randolph Kid, Always a Randolph Kid.” Making our annual school-wide piñata, singing “This Land is Your Land”, creating Halloween masks, sharing Poem in Your Pocket day, measuring the growth of amaryllis bulbs, reading Wuggie Norple or The Last Algonquin, observing insects and fish in our creek, building our own rockets and sharing the Native American mythology about maple sugaring—these are experiences that stick with Randolph Kids for a lifetime.

To allow more children access to progressive education and to welcome more families into the Randolph community, we need more space!  


Randolph recently celebrated 50 years of progressive education. From the very beginning, art, music and reading have infused our curriculum. As we grow our student body and expand our classroom space, we are determined to enhance our library and continue to provide our children and teachers with dedicated spaces for art and music.  At a time when schools are de-funding art and music classes and libraries, the Randolph School is making a commitment to the arts by investing in The Studios. 

1963: Our school was founded on Randolph Avenue in Poughkeepsie, New York

1965: We moved to our current home, a gorgeous Victorian-Gothic brick building in Wappingers Falls, New York

1998: We renovated the property’s old carriage house,  providing additional classroom space that is currently used for art, music and our library

2003: We built a stone amphitheater for performances and community gatherings

2016:  The Studios will be added to our 5-acre campus

This growth is good for our school. Adding families to our community strengthens Randolph School financially, broadening our base so that we can better support our teachers and provide financial aid to families in need. This deliberate, carefully-crafted growth also allows us to renew our 50-year commitment to the centrality of art, music, movement and reading in the Randolph curriculum.  

Each step has happened with the participation and support of parents, alumni and community members. By supporting The Studios you can have a lasting impact on our school’s future, and on the futures of all “Randolph Kids”!New Lets Build collage

  1. The Carriage House—where for almost two decades we’ve housed our art studio, music studio, and treasured library—will be transformed into classrooms.
  2. A new building will be constructed—a modern addition to our campus where children can make music together, create art, and engage with books as Randolph children have throughout our school’s 50-year-old history. This new building—the new home for our art studio, music studio and library—will be known as “The Studios.”

We are ready for this exciting expansion of our campus and our community—but we cannot do it without you!

We are raising $250,000 to build The Studios. Join us on this important project:

  • Make an online donation through the Donate Now page on this website
  • Make an offline donation by sending a check to: The Studios, The Randolph School, 2467 Route 9D, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590. Make check payable to: The Randolph School
  • Share this campaign with family and friends

All contributions are tax-deductible.

Donations and dedications will be acknowledged in a tastefully designed art-work that will hang in the building’s entryway.


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