Did you know that Randolph School owns a unique collection of hundreds of children’s books, including signed copies and first editions? The library began in 1963 with donations from the families and teachers who founded the school. The collection has continued to grow for over 50 years. It’s a treasured resource for teachers, and a hunting ground for children looking for information, inspiration and a view into another world.

At a time when some schools are closing their libraries or converting to digital only, we are investing in our precious collection by building a beautiful new home for our books. And we are naming that collection for our amazing teachers, who bring these books to life for Randolph kids. The Teachers’ Library in The Studios. It’s a wise investment: Research shows that print books hold specific advantages for early readers over digital formats. And we know first hand the power of the books in our collection to motivate and ground literacy in children.

Did you or your child learn to read with books from Randolph’s library? Have you donated books to the collection? Have you witnessed the love between a child and the book they are holding in their hands?

Show your support for reading, books and Randolph School’s Teachers’ Library by donating to The Studios.