Yes, we now have $125,000 in donations and pledges towards our goal of $250,000!

Thank you so much to everyone has who helped us get this far:

  • Past and present Randolph families
  • Past and present Randolph board members
  • Past and present Randolph teachers
  • Grandparents and grandfriends
  • Randolph parent group
  • Randolph alumni

Haven’t made your donation yet? There is still time! And did you know that you can spread out your donation?  If you donate online here via PayPal, you can make a one time donation of the full amount or you can spread out the donation over 6 months. If you prefer to donate by check, you can send send a series of checks, spreading out your donation however you wish.

In 2014, we raised $12,000 to repair the iconic front porch of Randolph main building (see photo below). That campaign succeeded because some people donated $2,000, and some people donated  $25, and many, many people gave an amount somewhere in between. One donation of $15 brought tears to my eyes because I knew that the donor did not have a lot of money to spare–and yet she believed in Randolph School and wanted to be part of our work.

Over the next year, we will be reaching out far and wide to bring more people together to make The Studios a reality.

Please join us!